Concrete is used to build any types of structures, whether civil or building. CONSTRUCCIONES MANUEL AGUEDA e HIJOS S.L. has achieved the optimal mixture, with the precise proportions of aggregates of different sizes, cement and water, which allows it to guarantee the homogeneity between the different concrete orders supplied.

Our concretes have the ANEFHOP ANTRON EXPERT Certificate. Their coefficient of variation does not exceed 15% which characterizes their uniformity and stable resistances.

The installations, the concrete component materials, the manufacturing process, the control and distribution methods meet the requirements of RD 163/2019 of 22 March approving the Technical Instruction for the realization of production control of concretes manufactured in central.



  • Mortars with special features
  • Industrial floors and flooring
  • Concretes for high-strength support
  • Prefabricated concrete
  • Roads and tunnels

STEEL FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE, traditionally used for industrial flooring and projected concrete. Steel fibers can be used as a single reinforcement or combined with traditional reinforcements such as corrugated, meshes or pre-tensioned elements, in different applications: industrial flooring, housing, structural applications, projected concrete, prefabricated elements and in certain special applications.

The metal fibers for concrete reinforcement are made of low carbon steel wire. They have a mechanical resistance of adequate traction and are evenly distributed in the concrete matrix. They ompose a very resistant three-dimensional armor, able to withstand appreciable deformations maintaining good resistance (ductility) and to prevent the spread of the cracking phenomenon, dissipating the deformation energy (tenacity).


Concrete with synthetic fibers offers a 1% decrease in built-in air compared to fiberless concrete, increasing its durability.

The fibers used do not allow the formation of cracks by retraction, or at least decrease them by a large percentage, helping to reduce or nullify them.

Another of its remarkable characteristics is the tenacity from flex or the ability of the material to absorb energy. The values and the proper distribution of the fibers favor the behavior of the pavement for dynamic traffic requests, increasing its life in service for the same level of transit density.

To manufacture the pavements with joints and without joints, CONSTRUCCIONES MANUEL AGUEDA e HIJOS S.L., has achieved the optimal composition of concrete with metal and polymer fibers, the most suitable production process that ensures its quality, the reduction of pavement thicknesses, the effective control of cracking phenomena, paving up to 2500 m2 without cutting joints, savings in maintenance costs, reducing roll problems, obtaining high planimetry and ductile behavior in the manufacture of joint and non-joint pavements.


They are used in cross-sectional joints when the construction of the slab should be stopped at casting ends or in longitudinal joints such as lane separation. The diameter, length, and spacing of the construction joints in the transverse joints must be specified with the minimum design criteria of the contraction joints.

CONSTRUCCIONES MANUEL AGUEDA e HIJOS S.L., applies construction joint execution technology that ensures durability, good performance and service life of concrete pavements. Prior to sealing, a box must be carried out on the top of the gasket in order to obtain a groove with the appropriate dimensions for the sealing product used. The dimensions of the gasket box shall be suitable so that the sealing product can properly withstand the movements to which it will be subjected as a result of the expansions and contractions produced by the effect of the temperatures.