• 1980 | The company starts as a public tender contractor

    Expanding its activity, also in land movements, pavements, water supply and works of public administrations: town halls, provincial deputation, community junta of Castilla la Mancha and tagus hydrographic confederation throughout the province of Guadalajara.

  • 1986 | MANUEL DE AGUEDA AND SONS C.B. is formed

    At which point his two sons form part of the company, Juan Manuel de Agueda Toledano and David de Agueda Toledano who already having valuable experience in the business gave a great boost to the expansion of the infrastructure of the company and its machinery park, which provided efficient and quality service to customers.

  • 1992 | The company moves from joint ownership to private limited company S.L.

    With the joint effort of the entire team and the desire to work hard and offer the best service we continue to expand the machinery park and the inner workings of the company.

    The main activity of the company as previously mentioned is construction and civil works, but we have also been expanding our construction-related activities such as aggregate extraction, concrete and mortar manufacturing and promotions that we will discuss below.

  • 1998 | From construction to promotion

    The company begins to carry out industrial and residential work promotions and also becomes urban developer agents.

  • 2002 | We set up our own limestone aggregate quarry in the municipality of Matillas

    For the extraction of our own aggregates and therefore the elaboration of concretes, asphalts, rockfill and stone for masonry.

  • 2004 | We expanded the production of our concretes

    Until 2004 we had been doing this with our mobile truck mixers to set up our own concrete plant in Torija for our consumption and sell to our customers.

  • 2008 | Owners of a machinery park of more than 50 vehicles

    And a workforce of more than 30 workers to perform our services without the need to rely on third parties.

  • 2012 | We moved our concrete plant

    With the transfer of our plant to the current location, to facilitate the loading and transit of heavy vehicles, we increased the functionality of services and the capacity of supply.

  • 2018 | We installed two new load hydrants in the concrete plant

    In addition to increasing the capacity we install a control system consisting of:

    - Dosage control: A/C ratio and minimum amount of cement

    - Concrete testing

    - Compression resistance

    - Concrete durability


    We set up our offices there to serve customers and suppliers as well as holding internal meetings, and so on.


    We become partners of ANEFHOP (Spanish National Association of Prepared Concrete Manufacturers)
    We are currently in possession of quality certificates, which prove control of production.

    - ANEFHOP: Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention and Environment

    - ANEFHOP: Concrete Expert Certification

    - ISO 14001: Manufacture and marketing of concretes and execution of civil works

    - ISO 9001: Manufacture and marketing of concretes and execution of civil works

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    Based on trust and mutual awareness with our customers, we face the future with an innovative mindset based on:

    - competitiveness

    - meeting deadlines

    - reducing occupational risks

    - respect for our environment

    - a deep spirit of service when addressing small, medium and large projects

    Pursuing the search for new opportunities and new markets.

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